This nutrition stuff is crazy. So much to remember and fit into my daily diet so I am properly providing for my little one. Bradley highly recommends salt being added into pregnant mama’s diets (this recommendation comes from Dr. Brewer who wrote The Brewer Medical Diet for Normal and High-Risk Pregnancy).

Here is a teaspoon (or two) of what Dr. Brewer says …
Salt is an essential nutrient. If you were to completely eliminate salt from your diet, your body would cease to function There is an increased need for salt during pregnancy because of the extra demands the baby places on the mothers body. Use common sense, let your body tell you how much salt you need. You will know that your body needs more salt when your food tastes flat. Women eat primarily natural foods and have conditioned themselves not to eat salt must be especially careful and look for the symptoms of salt deficiency.

Salt is responsible for aiding:
-heart action
-brain function
-kidney function
-adrenal function
-the nervous system
-the body’s regualtion of blood and amniotic fluid
-volume efficient action of muscles

Lack of salt can lead to:
-arm and leg cramps
-easy fatigability
-headaches, dizziness
-decreased appetite

The salt that you shake on your food is just one source for the sodium that you need. There is also a good amount in most high-protein foods, such as milk, meats, and seafood. It is also in some vegetables. Most fast-foods and fried foods are full of sodium. Kelp powder and soy sauce are also sources of sodium. You may need extra salt if you live in a hot climate, do vigorous exercise, or sweat a lot.

I’m loving how milk is now on my list for protein AND salt. I tend to have cookies or brownies with my milk too … not sure how that fits into the nutrition chart :)

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