A Magical California Adventure Bucket List

Did you catch the Disneyland Bucket List?

Well, I couldn’t very well leave out California Adventure, because, when it comes down to it – I love it equally as much.

I remember California Adventure way back when. When those big letters spelled out C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A. We took family photos by the R to represent our family name. Good, good memories.

Since, I’ve had many magical moments with my kids in the California-inspired theme park. And now, on the brink of another trip I’m excited to check off a handful of bucket list worthy activities while in the park.

Ride Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue with a Buddy Pass

Don’t let the Monsters wait time scare you. Rather, ask the cast member near the entrance if they’ve got a buddy pass to share. If yes, a buddy pass will allow three people to enter through the exit and jump into an empty row in minutes. Wait time averted!

Don’t Miss Turtle Talk with Crush

If the heat peaks or it rains or you’re just ready for a calm activity, pop into Disney Animation Building in Hollywood Land for a chat with Crush. This 15 minutes, interactive show is a fantastic activity that is easily overlooked. But I promise, you’ll love it! Especially if Crush calls on you.

Learn About Oswald

California Adventure holds hints to Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit – Mickey’s predecessor. Walt Disney created Oswald early on and since California Adventure is all about history, you’ll see bits of him throughout. Keep your eyes peeled … especially near the entrance.

Eat Potatoes at Lamplight Lounge

Do you want to pay $20 for potatoes?

Well, I’m here to say, YOU MUST! Lamplight Lounge has potato skins on their menu and they’re unlike any other – crispy Yukon Gold potatoes served with brown butter-caper yogurt, smoked paprika aioli, and Manchego cheese. They’re heaven. And, if you’d like to turn it into a full menu you can request chicken or steak as an addition.

Request Patio Seating

This bucket list item ties into Lamplight Lounge’s potatoes. If you can nab an evening reservation (do this 60 days out) on a night World of Color is showing (most every night) request patio seating. You just might be lucky enough to get a seat with an amazing view of the show!

I’ll be attempting this in September 2022 and will definitely report back!

Exit the Park Through the Grand Californian

Disneyland has one way in and one way out – Main Street. California Adventure was designed a little differently though. In this park you’ve got the main entrance and an entrance/exit through the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

Depending on where your hotel is or if you need to pop over to Downtown Disney for a meal or shopping exiting California Adventure through the Grand Californian may be the perfect route to save yourself some steps.

Visit Cars Land at Sunset

When you have a DCA day, check what time sun will set. Aim to be in Cars Land a few minutes before because a few minutes after sunset all the streets lights will come on. This isn’t a published event because the time changes each night, but it’s a real treat to see!

Order From Pacific Wharf Cafe’s Secret Menu

Pacific Wharf has such solid meals! I love their food! But, even better, is their secret menu. My kids love to order mac ‘n cheese in a bread bowl – sometimes on the seasonal menu, always on the secret one. Just ask!

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