This + That

I mean, that ^^^ is good, right? The perfect way to start the week … PAUSE, WAIT, TAKE IN, SLOW SAVOR. It speaks to my enneagram 1 heart.

The summer tends to bring extra help my way. Thank you grandparents! So I’m intentionally scheduling as much one on one time with the kids as I can get. My crew is awesome together, but they really come alive when they don’t have siblings to compete with. Today Jemma and I visited a lighthouse. Tomorrow is Max’s day. Eli will probably be happy with a Costco run later this week – that boy loves samples! And I’ll have to check with Reid about what he’d like best. He’s been talking lots about going back to the flight museum …

Ok, before I head to bed, here’s a this and that round!

Loved this virtual tour of Tacoma. I’ve seen a lot there, but really want to visit again thanks to Hello Rigby’s round up!

Obsessed with muted pinks lately. I have my eye on this. INSTA10 gets an extra 10% off too. How can I resist?

5 Rules For Hosting a Crappy Dinner Party (and Seeing Your Friends More Often)

How to prep for an earthquake. With California’s latest jolt, I need to refresh my plan and review it with the kids. Washington had a quake last week too. I slept through it, but Max woke up Dominic asking about the shaking!

Definitely download this awesome periodic table for your kids!

Raising boys who help in a world where girls are taught not to need it. So good. I mean, “I am FOR women. I am FOR men. We can be both. I want to achieve my dreams while holding the hand of my man, not while stepping on his head.” Just read the whole thing ASAP.

Have 40 minutes? This is a must listen/watch — The Language of Pain

I don’t know if I could truly manage this road trip. I know I’d miss home. But I kinda want to try it any way. Someday …

Cake cutting magic.

Jem and I picked up the supplies for this pretty little craft project, it’s gonna be cute!

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