Free Printable — Laundry Room Art

Apparently I’m on a laundry kick, because I’m back with more laundry talk! 

Over the long weekend I decided it was time to give the walls of my laundry room some love. And so, I typed up this “very me” piece of artwork.

laundry room free printable

It says, “Sort today, wash tomorrow, fold maybe, iron never”. Which is all very very true in my world! I read a similar quote to this once – online, or maybe on something at Hobby Lobby – I can’t remember for sure, but wish I could so I could link you to the original inspiration!

The ironing bit gets me most … so often I think something might be cute for the kids or I while out shopping and I quickly return it to the rack saying, “Well, that would have to be ironed, so, no thanks!” Ironing is just not my jam. Never will be.

I paired the print with this Target wire basket which holds all my dryer balls (similar) and lost socks. The hooks are perfect for cloth diapers, bras, and Jem’s under dress shorts. The wall all this is on is right above my dryer and although the laundry room is far from picture perfect (honestly, it’s always such a mess!), at least this space feels pulled together!

If you’d like the “Sort Today” print for yourself. You can print it for free here! I printed mine on 8 1/2×11 card stock and then trimmed it to fit an 8×10 frame.

Happy folding! Maybe :)

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