Five Favorites

August family pic

Would you look at that ^^^ everyone looking the same direction! I think it’s our first family photo like that since adding Eli … only took 10 1/2 months! Just ignore Reid’s fierce + mean mug. He was beyond annoyed that I took his thumb out of his mouth and asked him to smile. Gosh … moms sometimes!

I started time blocking and tracking said time blocks today and technically my writing time is over for the night, but I did plan 30 minutes of wind down time before I went to bed so I’m choosing to spend that here, sharing a few favorites I’ve gathered lately with you! Enjoy!

ONE — Probably our favorite picture book of the summer.

TWO — I’ve loved GAP forever. Especially their dresses. The one I’m wearing in the photo above is from there and it’s such a winner (although, sadly no longer available). But, until Wednesday night, GAP is offering 40% off with code FRIEND and another 10% off with code BEST. So, if you’re in the mood to browse or back to school shop, do it now so you can stack those codes!

THREE — These are the wireless headphones I run with and I love them! They’re great for listening to audiobooks or podcasts while doing housework too. Once you go wireless, you’ll never go back. Plus, I hit a PR with them this weekend, so I’d venture to say they’re good luck.

FOUR — The Little People Disney Castle is on super sale at Walmart! We may have a Disney scene going on in the corner of our bonus room right now with this and the retired Magic of Disney Set (minus the teacups sadly because I thrifted this and the teacups were missing). We love the princess parade floats too! Because, if you can’t be at the Happiest Place On Earth, you might as well pretend that you are!

FIVE — No shame in my I-bought-a-fanny-pack game :) I mean, isn’t this print darling!?!

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