Nordstrom Sale Picks As Low As $15

Nordstrom Sale

I have very much scaled back my online browsing lately, and thus, online shopping.

It’s better for the budget, as I’m sure you know.

But, not much can keep me away from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale! It’s just too good. And I love that it times with back to school because Lord knows that with all these little people, we tend to need a fresh round of shoes this time each year. That’s usually where I start with this sale – kid’s shoes. Then, I wander and order things online for me to try on … because nothing is going to cause me to take my crew INTO the store. That’s pure crazy!

I keep my favorites and the best of the best by asking myself — Do I love this enough that I would pay regular price for it? That usually helps me not go overboard:)

I broke down my few recommendations into a mama and a kid category. Shopping for men just isn’t for forte. I did find these shorts for Dominic though, he rocked the barracuda color to church and they’re definitely winners!


Not all of these are part of the Anniversary Sale, but they are all on sale. And that’s what matters!

I hear this tee is amazing and am ordering myself one riiiiiiight now, because $15 and #basicblack.

Another good tee pick. Got myself black … surprise, surprise.

Did you know that Nordstrom can convert just about any bra into a nursing bra? It’s $15 (last I checked) through their alterations department and I’m due for a bra stash overhaul … so this Natori and this Chantelle are both on their way to me to try out.

I splurged on this for me. And it came. And I love it. But I just can’t decide where I’ll wear it to make it worth it …

Blanqi for all you pregnant darlings!

I got one of these sweaters last year and it’s so cozy and the perfect thing for fall layering.

The best blouse, hands down. I wear these belted while pregnant (usually through my second trimester) and then always after babies. I just love how they hang/flow. Turned my bestie on to them too and she layers them with everything!


The majority of my kid picks are shoes! I swear, keeping kids in shoes that fit is a full time job!

These are the only shoes my boys wear 80% of the year. They wash well, don’t smell, and hand down wonderfully.

My sister is getting married this fall and these will be Jem’s flower girl shoes … and then probably her everyday shoes :) Size up at least a full size if not two. She’s a 1 now, so I ordered a 2 for the fall, but they were already snug so we have to exchange for a 3!

Plae for boys, Plae for girls. I used to keep the kids in Nikes for their athletic shoes, but we’ve switched to this brand. Really comfy and hello, velcro! 

Max has these boy’s boxers and they’re fab.

Unicorn love!

Between Alice + Ames, H&M, and Tea Collection all Jem’s dress needs are covered.

Going to order these ankle boots for Jem. I’m a bit hesitant on the heel, but they’re too darling not to at least try on.

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