A New Resource For Breastfeeding Families

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That was the name of my very first lactation consultant. To this day I don’t know what I would have done without her care, guidance, and support. More than once I called her on the verge of tears. She listened to my scattered worries, organized them, and offered countless ideas to improve my breastfeeding experience. 

She was gold. Just one step under my liquid gold :) Still, so very priceless.

Like many first time moms, I assumed breastfeeding would come naturally. Then I had the wake up call that, no, breastfeeding was more based on a combination of research and tons of practice. I could have managed on my own, troubleshooting Google in the wee hours, wondering what was true and what was an old wive’s tale, but instead, I found Melissa. And she changed everything. 

Thanks to her kindness and knowledge, breastfeeding became easier, something I enjoyed and cared deeply about. Her influence has carried me through three more children and I cannot thank her enough for her investment in my and my baby’s physical and emotional wellbeing. No doubt in my mind, a solid lactation consultant is essential for moms.

But, how do you find a Melissa?

Aeroflow Breastpumps has launched a Lactation Support Directory; just the resource I wish I would have had access to when my breastfeeding journey began. It’s simple to use, FREE, and growing every day.


Visit the directory, enter your zip code and specify what exactly you’re looking for … an IBCLC, peer counselor, support group, registered dietician, and more. Based on your search specification you’ll be presented with the information you need to connect with a lactation consultant and other support tailored especially for breastfeeding moms and babies. 

Such a fabulous resource, right?

Even if you’re not on the lookout for breastfeeding guidance today, I HIGHLY recommend searching the directory for a contact near you. When you need someone, you need them right away. Nursing strikes, mastitis, milk blisters … they come on quickly (I know too well!), so, search, see who is close by, and save their information in your phone’s contacts. 



Last but not least, if you know a great lactation support person, shoot them an email and ask them to join the directory so more mamas can find them.

Every ounce of breast milk counts! Find the help you need to keep that liquid gold flowing!

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