Postpartum Reality — 15 Weeks


How far into the 4th trimester:  It’s over :( I missed the 12-13 week mark because we were busy moving and all things blogging fell by the wayside for a bit! #survivalmode

UPDATE: Wait, no I didn’t miss it, I just left it in my drafts and never hit publish! I backdated it so these updates would stay in order, here it is :)

Weight loss: The scale is still packed, so that’s that.

Sleep: Between 9-10pm, Eli nurses for the last bit of the night and then goes to sleep in his swing or snuggles next to me in the recliner where I work. Around 1-2am he wakes to nurse and that’s my cue to go to bed. He nurses once or twice before waking around 8am. And that, makes him perfecto. More should never be expected of a new baby. 

During the day, Eli goes with the flow. He’s the 4th and therefore doesn’t get a set nap schedule. He drifts off at some point in the morning and again in the afternoon. Talk about different than the hyper-regulated firstborn! 

Breastfeeding: Smooth and sweet right now. I tear up thinking that he’s my last little nursling. Eli loves to pause and smile when he’s latched; it’s so precious! Even his eyes say “This stuff is gooooooood!” 

Other postpartum things: Here’s the lamest thing EVER. I had two hellacious days of cramps recently. Massive mood swings too. Do you know what this means?!? It means that Eli is sleeping too well and my cycle thinks it should come back even though I’m yelling, “Hells no”. 

For comparison, my period never came back after Jem. I got pregnant with Max first. Max was my 24/7 nursling and things didn’t kickstart until 17 months postpartum. Reid was a good sleeper (I had no idea babies could actually sleep after my little Max man) and while on vacation at 7 most postpartum (because why not?) I had to run to Target for lady supplies. So, I figured I had until at least 7 months. And maybe I do. I only had killa cramps and anger/sadness/anxiety for a few days. But maybe I don’t. Maybe Aunt Flo is lurking. And that is a bummer if I’ve ever heard one. 

Best moment this week: A little before this week, but we closed on our new house on Eli’s 3 month birthday. How’s that for a 1/4 birthday present?!? Lucky boy! Then, this week, Eli got 2 new Kickee Pants onesies for Christmas. And they’re the bestest ever! Thanks Grandma and Santa :)

Worst moment this week: I’m just overwhelmed. It’s half hormones. Half how busy the whole move has been. Half lamenting how fast all the kids are growing. And yes, you added correctly … 150% overwhelmed.

Miss anything: Not seeing moving boxes. And newborn Eli. He already seems so big and it’s such a sappy mix of happy sad.

Cravings: Just food. It’s so hard to eat real food when I feel so busy and torn in a billion directions. Thankfully my mom is here this week and has been feeding me WELL! I need to snap some photos and share some of her amazing recipes … curry fried rice, penne rosa, chicken florentine. See? She’s amazing and hopefully I don’t find that scale soon!

Looking forward to: I really do cherish all the firsts, but right now, I’m just soaking up these tiny days. I have zero desire for Eli to grow up or learn new things. He can stay his plump little self forever and ever if he wants :)

What Jemma says: “I really am the best big sister for these boys” … yep, she’s owning it! 

What Max says: “My brudders all wuv me!” … and they do.

What Reid says: Not much. He turns 2 on January 1st and his words are few but his hug game is strong. He hugs those he loves and Eli gets sweet little lean in side hugs quite often.

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