Get Well Fun with Lamaze Toys

We’re home safe and sound from the hospital! Such a relief to this worried mama’s heart. Everything went just as planned and we’ll head back to Seattle for a follow up in about 6 weeks. I’m so thankful and even more happy that it was just a day surgery. Overnights in the hospital are so not my jam.

After a big snack and power nap, Reid was greeted with a fun shipment from Lamaze toys — talk about perfect timing, everyone loves a get well present! His surprise included this fabulous toy and this perfect-for-baby book


Reid is supposed to lay low for a few days so his new Mix & Match Caterpillar and Classic Discovery Book will be the perfect companions for quieter play. AKA brother wrestling is on hold :) Before taking his bedtime medicine we got some fresh, sunset air and Jemma helped Reid explore all the details of his new toys. 



One of my favorite things about the age gap between Jemma and Reid is her interest in teaching him. He learns so much from her! She helped him identify each picture in his book, encouraged him to turn each page, and together they listened to all the fun crinkles that make this book the best for little libraries.

At 15 months Reid just started walking (hallelujah!) and his vocabulary is beginning to grow. The Mix & Match Caterpillar provided the perfect tool for practicing color words – one of Jem’s favorite lessons. As soon as he can proclaim his favorite color, she will be thrilled! Her guess is orange :) It also acts as a tactile puzzle since the caterpillar comes apart, piece by piece , and velcro back together. Reid inspected each piece while assessing the colors, different fabrics, features, and sounds. I just wish I could hear what all his little mind is thinking when he explores new learning toys. You can tell by his intense focus that he’s really processing it all! Getting smarter by the minute I’m sure!



For two decades, Lamaze has been partnering with child development experts to create toys that not only entertain, but stimulate little minds and bodies. Through independent and shared play, Lamaze is committed to helping parents introduce developmentally appropriate and versatile toys and this parent is here to say, “Thank you, Lamaze!” Whether you’re shopping for your little one (last minute Easter basket addition, anyone?) or need ideas for an upcoming baby shower or birthday gift, turn to Lamaze for amazing toys that will encourage little ones to learn, grow, and have fun!

Start your browsing below! Jemma gave a fun little description for her top Lamaze picks … talk about big sister expertise!

  • If you’re looking for a toy that plays music, this will be fun!
  • If your baby thinks towers are cool (Reid loves them!), try this!
  • If you think it’s fun to watch babies wiggle, put these on!
  • If you’re looking for a puzzle kind of toy that isn’t hard to do (there are no wrong answers!), pick this!
  • If you like being a bug catcher (like my brothers!), but don’t want to get gross, you’ll love this!
  • If you want a cute friend who is soft for cuddling, buy this!
  • If you want your baby to love books as much as me, start here!
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