Top Knots + Beauty-FULL Locks with TRESemme

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Friends, today, we’re talking hair care! It’s one of those simple and necessary to dos in a mom’s life and although I rock a top knot more often than not, I feel 100% more pulled together when I give my hair some quality time. Wait? You too? Well, read on for a new product line I have fallen in love with!

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A few weeks ago I stole away for an entire Saturday morning. It was time for a cut and color! My gal even does paraffin hand wax on my hands while I sit quietly, alone, in her salon. Sigh. I had put off the appointment for quite some time, not knowing if Reid could handle being away from me so early on. But, with his faithful grandma doing her doting thing, he got some extra loving and I got some peace and quiet! And a much needed, refreshed look! 

Back on the wild frontier (also known as home), I aim to recreate that peaceful salon experience. Jemma acts as my hairdresser, peppering me with questions and conversation. Max chimes in with a hundred sound effects, that if I close my eyes, somewhat sounds like the roar of a hair dryer. And Reid, well, if I time things well, he sleeps. Since the paraffin on my hands would make doing hair difficult I rely on TRESemmé’s new Beauty-Full Volume Collection to add extra flair and awesomeness to my home beauty routine.

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I don’t wash/dry/style my hair everyday, one, because who has time for that? and two, my hair doesn’t require daily washing, thankfully. Actually, due to my lovely postpartum hormones I can go a solid 4 days between washings right now. So, when I do wash my hair, I tend to go all out – conditioning, cleansing, smoothing, drying, curling, and then, locking it all in with the product I’ll love until I die, HAIRSPRAY! 

Yes, you may now join me in singing the Hairspray theme song :)

Since my cut and color the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Collection has been working magic on my locks. And I don’t say that lightly! Like many of you, I’ve tried quite a few shampoos and conditioners over the years, but TRESemmé is revolutionizing this mom’s hair routine. Because it’s different! TRESemmé is putting a whole new, backwards spin on hair care and it totally makes sense. 

First up, pre-wash conditioner. Yes, conditioner first! It soothes and softens and calms my top knot kinks. Then, the shampoo does its cleansing thing. It’s reverse hair care! Brilliant!

In case you didn’t catch that —- with TRESemmé you condition FIRST, and then shampoo. They’ve even made it simple to remember with a number 1 on the conditioner bottle and a number 2 on the shampoo bottle.

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Yes, yes, I’m a wee bit impressed too. There is nothing like finding the perfect hair care combo and simultaneously finding a few spare moments to style it. After conditioning and washing I added the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Hair Maximizer to my damp ends which boosts overall volume and smoothes hair cuticles. From there I let my blow dryer and curling wand do their thing and finished it off with TRESemmé’s Beauty-Full Volume Flexible Finish Hairspray. When summer arrives and I switch to my warm weather hair routine I’ll be putting TRESemmé’s Touchable Bounce Mousse to work; the scent is just divine so TRESemmé will no doubt be my year round go to. Thank you TRESemmé for giving this mama beauty-full volume and style. I love it – great for my more pulled together days, great for top knot days.

Learn more about reverse hair care and see it all in action here:

Who’s with me? Consider this your official dare to join me in conditioning first! I can’t wait to hear how you love it!

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