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39 weeks

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On Tuesday evening I went to acupuncture. It was my first real session – the technical first being when I was in labor with Jemma and had an acute treatment, but this was a full session and I really enjoyed it. Our goal was to reduce my anxiety and fear about birth and induce labor. Post-treatment, I definitely feel more relaxed and in a better mental state about what is to come. No contractions though :) Granted, with both Jemma and Max my water breaking was the first sign of labor so if I had to place bets I’m thinking things will go the same way this round. 

So, that’s what is up with me! And until I have exciting baby news, I figured I’d give you some weekend reading. Here are some of my favorite freelance posts from this last month! 

The Most Important Decision You’ll Make During Pregnancy

I really really really believe this. Your team builds a foundation for so much of what you’ll experience during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 

13 of the Grossest Things You Experienced During Pregnancy

I had so much fun working on this round up post! So many of the mama’s from my brainstorm group shared their gross pregnancy experiences and I think it gave us all a hearty chuckle! If you’d like to join my brainstorm group and get a sneak peek of what I’m working on (or be quoted in round ups like this!) leave me a comment with your Facebook email address and I’ll add you!

If You’re Pregnant, Read This Before Listening to the FDA

Dude. The FDA must think us mamas are crazy. And if they’re making recommendations like this, it pretty much makes me question many other things they recommend.

7 Ways I’m Overcoming My Fear of Labor

Apparently labor fear is my cross to bear. I kind of hoped I had resolved it all during my pregnancy with Max – 3 year ago – but it’s back and I’m aiming to overcome once again. What other tips do you have for me?

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