Mama’s Christmas Wish List

Mama's Christmas Wish List

Is it too late to share my mama wish list this holiday season? That’s totally a rhetorical question. I know it’s not. Because Dominic and I run a cash system for Christmas, to help stay on budget, and “my” $50 bill that he is shopping with is still sitting on his desk :) 

So before he goes hunting at the mall all by his lonesome, I figured I would round up a list of ideas! And perhaps spur your own wish list … or maybe give you one that you can forward to your man. Here’s the brief 4-1-1 on all my wishes!

Liane Moriarty Books — I’ll be highlighting these more in my annual book post, but I have fallen in love with this author and “Three Wishes” is next of her books on my reading list.

Funky Tees — If I can wear it with leggings and it some spunk, I’m all over it. “World’s Okayest Mom” sounds like a good theme for my 2016, does it not?

Alex and Ani Bracelet — While in Disneyland, I bought my first Alex and Ani. And now I think I’m an official collector! I can’t wait to have a gorgeous stacked collection dangling on my wrist!

GAP Beanie — Beanies are my winter jam.

NARS Lipstick — With 30 around the corner, I figure it’s time that I find some posh lipsticks colors to rotate before. I’ve heard lovely things about the NARS blends and find myself wanting them all. So, this little collection of lipstick minis sounds perfect to me!

LUSH Bath Bombs — I’m a bath girl. Always have been, always will be. 

Stacked Rings — Necklaces are hard with babies, but rings, they’re easy! I’m loving lots of thin and pretty options in gold and silver.

Kate Spade Earrings — Chunky perfection in every color and sparkle you can imagine!

In addition to a wrapped gift, I always cross my fingers that Dominic will whip up a fun coupon type gift. These are actually his expertise and I always love and adore the things he dreams up. Tucked in my desk drawer I have one such coupon leftover from my birthday for an entire solo mom overnighter at a hotel! But for Christmas, with baby on his way any day, I’m hoping for something simple. Just a relaxing date where we can walk and visit and eat while baby is still snug and happy inside my belly. 

Honey, if you’re reading, I may just rally for a date at the mall so we can accomplish some of our last minute shopping together. And then pizza. Baby and I are feeling the pizza vibe. I can show you my top picks in person and we could even stop by Tacoma Mall’s Spread Love Photo Booth and snap a #spreadlove photo just me and you! Aw, Christmas love to the max! Let’s do it and do it soon; after all, we’re on baby countdown!

spread love photo booth 

This post is sponsored by Simon’s Tacoma Mall. All opinions are my own.

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