Why I Love Noonday Collection

In high school I traveled to Brazil and Argentina. I spent two weeks there, celebrating my 17th birthday in a foreign land with lovely people. I can still feel the humid air and the bustling of the city. I remember the stories and can see the faces of the people I met and those I passed on the street. It was a whole new world, one so different from my own. There were beautiful parts, but many, many more painful glimpses into lives with little opportunity. With government corruption running rampant and churches with limited resources, families were left to fend for themselves and poverty knocked on their doors every day.

My short experience in South America gave me a global perspective that tugs at my heart often. If you ever have the chance to go overseas, you must. Even more, make it happen for your children. They will forever be changed.

On Tuesday night I hosted a Noonday Collection Trunk Show with my girl Aimee who is a Noonday ambassador. She acts as an advocate for artisans in far off places like Haiti, Vietnam, Ethiopia and India. Noonday partners with groups of people, mostly women, enduring great hardships and gives them hope through fair and honest employment. It’s a wonderful thing to see how Noonday is turning fashion and design into economic opportunities for the vulnerable.

The other thing that’s wonderful? These beauties …

IMG_7181 IMG_7182 IMG_7184 IMG_7186I’m telling you, my friends, these pieces are sturdy, gorgeous, HANDCRAFTED and all sorts of amazing. Noonday offers timeless pieces like these new Cubed Studs and statement jewelry like the Featherweight Cuff; they have hip and modern bags like the Lines and Stripes Catch All and swoon worthy necklaces like the Clustered Charm Necklace. The photos don’t do them justice, so, take it from me who has seen and touched them all – you need something from Noonday. If not for the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe, for the purpose behind it.

One story that stands out to me is the Film Noir Clutch. It’s made by developmentally disabled women and teens in India who would otherwise be distraught beggars on the street due to India’s caste system. Instead, they’re consistently employed, crafting this beautiful clutch (and other pieces) from upcycled VHS tapes. Yes, that ritzy shimmer is from VHS tapes! Amazing, right?


Every Noonday piece has a story. Like the bracelets from Ethiopia – many of them are made from artillery shells that are gathered from past war zones, melted and refashioned into pure beauty. Something you and I can truly be proud to wear. Pride knowing that something lovely has come from such great pain, that women in awful circumstances have been given hope.

So, if you’re in love with what Noonday is doing like I am, browse the newly launched Fall collection and purchase a piece or two for yourself. Even better, think of those Fall birthdays that are around the corner and give a gift that will no doubt make a difference in one of the  Noonday artisan’s lives.

Shop here by Saturday, August 16th to contribute to my trunk show and during checkout list Gretchen Bossio as your host!

Noonday Collection offers beautiful, quality pieces and because of their handmade nature and support of the artisans you’ll obviously be paying more than Forever 21 jewelery. But that’s ok! Buying with a purpose is something we should all be proud of and I’d much rather have a handful of Noonday pieces purchased over time from their various launches (fall, winter, spring and summer brings new things, yeah!) than a tangled up gaggle of sweatshop jewelry.

Here are some of my favorite budget pieces …

Does your wish list have a good 10 items like mine? I bet it does! Thanks for reading and even more, thanks for partnering with me to support the amazing artisans behind each of these pieces!

Shop here and spread the word by pinning some of your favorite items!

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