October Sponsor Love, Round One!

Yowzers! I’m stoked about the debut of sponsors on That Mama Gretchen. Take a moment to meet these lovely companies, shops, and fellow bloggers – I love them all!

Elsie from Little Sprout Basics
My name is Elsie and I’m a mom to one sweet 2-year-old boy, Malachi. My Etsy shop, Little Sprout Basics, was originally started to sell my hand-knit baby items but, as my life has become busier with less time to craft, my shop has slowly morphed into a place with lots of vintage finds! I sell a lovely selection of vintage aprons, laces and trims, fabrics and linens. In addition, I have hair accessories and bookmarks crafted from vintage buttons. You can also find me at my blog, Little Sprout Growing, where I blog about our family, recipes, crafts, and anything else I deem noteworthy at the time.
Use code THATMAMA at checkout for 10% off!
Deanna from Delirious Rhapsody

Hi! I’m Deanna and a 27 year old stay at home mom of two wild little boys. I like big earrings and even bigger sunglasses. And I collect gnomes. (I have 187.)  While my days are filled with building tents and changing dirty diapers, my nights are busy with crafting, baking and blogging. I’m a vagabond at heart, and a daydreamer throughout my soul. If you have an appreciation for sarcasm and witty humor, be sure to stop by and say hello. Just try it. You’ll like it.

Deanna’s got a giveaway surprise in the works – I’ll keep ya posted!

Sara from Prairie Hen
Hi! I’m Sara and I run a little blog called Prairie Hen. I love my baby girl, thrifting, crafting and making new friends. So stop by and say hi!

Welcome to Windrosie where you’ll find Alice in Wonderland decor, mustaches, party paper crafts, banners and more!
Kat and Company
I’m a stay at home with 3 kiddos under the age of 5. They are my inspiration for everything I create. I made my first Waldorf doll for my daughter almost 5 years ago and fell in love with their simple sweetness and the imagination they inspire in children. There is nothing more wonderful than a natural toy, one of a kind and handcrafted with love. 
Kat and Company will be part of our November giveaways so be sure to check out the shop beforehand!
Super Undies
We offer a variety of high quality cloth options for bed wetters and potty trainers. You paid too much for your couch and mattresses to not save them! Let Super Undies help your little Hero feel better and be successful!
Sign up on the website to receive a $5 Super Undies coupon!
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