First Trimester Recap

Biggest surprise … Seeing the “yes” on January 30th.
Biggest stress … If I had to choose just one it would be the move.
Favorite foods … Applesauce and cereal.
Worst symptom … Tiredness which led to grumpiness.
Best event … Easter in Olympia; a RoBo event.
Books read … Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn, Gentle Births, and [sections of] Pushed.
Top baby names … Jemma Janell and Miles Dean.
Recap in one word … Overwhelming.
Best purchase … Hands down a red infant fleece snowsuit on clearance at Old Navy. It has bear ears on the hood!
Lessons learned … My pregnancy won’t be like your pregnancy. My belly will grow at its own rate, I’ll feel different, I’ll have my own hopes and fears; It will be very unique, just like me and my baby.

Boy or girl … I have the girl vibe.

Best advice … Boys will never understand hormones, so don’t try and make them.

Most excited for … Getting a big baby bump!
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